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Peremeks Multi Sistem

is your best alternate source for enterprise computing solutions.

Our business model is founded on being the most creative in our solutioning. And that is the reason why we chose to be the alternate provider, so that we are not limited by rules that unfavour our customers.

We are driven and motivated by this single question which is most important to us:

What do our customers want?

From your feedback and our years of experience, we found the answers to this question and we design and run our business based on these answers to deliver our customers our
3 unique benefits.

1. Cost Effective

2. Fast Response

3. Flexibility
Cost Effective Fast Response Flexible
Everyone wants a cost effective solution. Not necessarily the cheapest, but a solution that meets your requirements and yet at the same time does not break your bank.

Find out how Peremeks creatively passes on savings to you and help you cut your costs.

Time is of essence, especially in today's competitive environment. And we know you need your equipment fast. Not some 6 - 8 weeks after your order.

Find out how Peremeks designs an entire system and infrastructure to provide you that faster response so that you can respond faster to your customers.
In challenging environments, your customers demand challenging solutions. Solutions that cater to their unqiue requirements rather than cookie-cutter templates.

Find out how Peremeks' complete and unique suite of flexible options help you design your own flexible solutions for your customers.

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These benefits are embodied and delivered to you through our
5 core offerings.

Systems Integration

Hardware Provision

Hardware Rental

Utility Model

Independent Maintenance
Systems Integration
Hardware Provision
Hardware Rental
Utility Model
Third Party Maintenance

Entrust your projects to Peremeks. We provide end-to-end systems integration services, so that you have a single point of contact and peace of mind.

Purchasing hardware has never been so easy, flexible and hassle-free. See how you can buy and sell new or refurbished equipment from Peremeks.

Only need to use a piece of equipment for a short period of time? Or just want to load-test a configuration before making a decision? Explore Peremeks' rental options.

If you have plans to increase your computing power but do not want to invest in huge unused computing resources upfront, Peremeks has a perfect answer for you. Find out more about Peremeks' unqiue Utility Model.

Do you have equipment located outside your OEM's geographical coverage? Or do you want to save costs without sacrificing the SLA of machines? Check out how Peremek's independent maintenance helps you achieve your objectives.

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