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Many times, project implementations get delayed and overrun their costs because too many parties are involved. Confusion and unclear lines of responsibilities between the hardware suppliers and software vendors. Communications breakdown even amongst the hardware suppliers and software vendors themselves. As customers, you have so many parties to talk to and yet no party that totally understand your problem.

Having adopting the multi-vendor approach, we have gathered the experience and skills to be your single point of contact and to provide you with a one-stop solution. Our in-house expertise on key multiple platforms and our experience in working with various hardware and software vendor make us perfect candidate to help you manage your project.

Key Services | Project Management | Best of Breed

Key services.

The leading brand in the market, including the established marker leadership in data protection and in cross-platform clustering solutions.

Of the many skills our engineers and consultants possess, one of the key areas of expertise is in the suite of Veritas technologies. These include:

Data Protection technologies
  • Veritas NetBackup
High Availability technologies
  • Veritas Foundation Suite HA
    • Volume Manager
    • File System
    • Clustering

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We help manage your projects.

We provide you end-to-end services.
Our multi-vendor, cross-discipline approach makes us the perfect candidate for your one-stop provider.

Our extensive experience working with principles, partners and service vendors from hardware, software and infrastructure providers puts Peremeks in a unique position to deliver to our customers a one-stop package that covers their requirements from end-to-end.

While we follow time-proven project management methodologies that have been well-tested for their reliability, the creative and flexible nature of our offerings provide us additional dimensions to incorporate into our project management processes so that our customers are not limited to the conventional constraints of traditional approaches.

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Our multi-vendor approach means you get the best of breed.

While some providers are more comfortable and used to working with selected principles and solution providers, Peremeks adopts the philosophy that we will work with whichever party that gives our customer the best deal.

Hence our multi-vendor approach. This dimension of flexibility gives us the objectivity and freedom of choice to help you source for and design the best solution so that it will save your money and save your time.

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