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Independent Maintenance

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With all the mission-critical applications running, it is vitally important for your enterprise-grade equipment to be maintained well all the time so as to minimize the risks of potential downtime and hence impact to your operations.

Peremeks sees your need to have this peace of mind and we complete our ecosystem by providing you top-quality, one-stop maintenance service. Our maintenance packages are pegged against maintenance from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and they offer the same SLA and coverage compared to the ones from the OEMs but at a substantial lower cost to you.

Sun Microsystems Support | Independent Maintenance Inventory | Uncompromising Service Level

Sun Microsystems support.

Currently, Peremeks' maintenance service covers equipment from Sun Microsystems:

  • Entry-level to high-end servers, up to Sun Fire 15k
  • Entry-level to mid-end storage, up to Sun StorageTek 6150
  • Most other accessories and options

Patch management and review
Technical support review
Standby servers
Proactive routines
Preventive routines
Onsite support

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Independent maintenance inventory.

We maintain our own pool of maintenance parts.
We maintain our own pool of inventory parts.

Our large inventory of standby parts and our proven system of maintenance provision has enabled us to win over maintenance contracts from many satisfied customers. Using a time-proven methodology, we keep all the parts needed for any parts replacement needed and we keep this pool of standby parts refreshed and updated everytime a replacement occurs or when a new contract is signed.

Through our extensive inventory, we are able to provide customers with standby servers that will swing into place in the event of any failures of the operating unit

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Uncompromising service level.

We are comitted to your success.
Our large pool of inventory enables us to respond quickly to your requirement and helps us cut our lead time.

Even though our maintenance packages are priced at a fraction of what OEMs are offering, we do not compromise the service level agreement (SLA) of our programs. Benchmarked against SLA of OEM maintenance programs, our maintenance packages match one-to-one with their standard.

Peremeks maintenance also offers you the versatility over different options. Pick from our wide range of service options ranging from 24x7 high availability support, 8x5 for high business week availability support and 2 or 4 hour onsite or phone support for your varied IT availability requirements.

Our packages also incorporates other value-adding options, including remote problem detection, preventive and predictive routines and availability assessments.

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