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Peremeks is a major supplier of enterprise-grade server and equipment. We have many years of experience buying and selling Sun and IBM equipment, along with many transactions involving other brands and platforms.

However, Peremeks is not just another reseller. Our alternative approach gives us the flexibility and allows us the creativity to offer you hardware with different options. It also enables us to make us more price competitive for you and more responsive to meeting your delivery deadlines.

Best of Breed | Buy and Sell | We Are a Stockist

New or refurbished.
Best of breed.

Unlike many resellers who only provide equipment from a single brand, Peremeks adopts a cross-platform approach. We work with multi-vendors and support solutions running on different brands. Specifically, we have many years of experience and a pool of expertise in 2 of the most prominent and important brands in the enterprise hardware arena, namely:
  • Sun Microsystems, and
  • IBM.
By giving our customers the choice of platforms and brands, we make sure that you get to have the best of breed and the most competitive and effective solution.

This level of flexibility also extends to offering you both the option of new or refurbished equipment. Our large inventory of refurbished equipment gives you the ability to effectively deploy used equipment when the situation calls for them.

Sun Microsystems, IBM

HP, Dell, EMC, Cisco

Servers (V210, V240, V245, V440, V445, V880, V890, V1280, E2900, SF6800)
Storage (SE3310, SE3320, SE3315)
Processors, Hard Disks, Memory, Adapters (X7444A, X7445A, X7270, X7272, X7273A)

System-p (p520, p550, p570)
System-i (i520, i550, i570)
Processors, Hard Disks, Memory, Adapters (FC1935, FC1234)

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We do both buy and sell.

We both buy and sell.
Most resellers only want to sell you. For us, we buy from you as well.

While most resellers will only sell equipment to you, Peremeks also offers to buy equipment from you.

In more conventional cases, we trade in your existing equipment when you upgrade them into newer models. Even in cases where you are not buying any equipment from us, our offer to buy still stands. These situations include buyinhg over your decommissioned machines, your development servers after the project implementation phase, or you excess machines meant for project that was delayed or cancelled.

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We are a stockist.
We keep stocks.

We keep stocks.
Our large pool of inventory enables us to respond quickly to your requirement and helps us cut our lead time.

Unlike other resellers who do not keep stock and will only make an order from their distributors upon receiving your order, Peremeks proactively buy and keep stock ahead of time.

Working closely with our customers and monitoring closely your potential requirements in upcoming projects, we build the list of machines and equipment to purchase that best fit your forecast requirements and our pricing advantage.

Having this pool of on-hand inventory allows us to respond quickly to your requests. In the best case, we can ship out your order the same day we receive your PO. More typically, our lead time is 10 - 14 days. In rare cases, we need about 1 month to turnaround. In short, our lead time is usually much shorter than the 6 - 8 weeks than most other resellers offer.

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