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With our flexibility, you get exactly what you want.

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Advising and providing you the various options and choices and then packaging and customizing them into a tailor-made solution

Gone are the days when your customers accept cookie-cutter solutions that are mass produced for the convenience for the suppliers. Your business must now be tailor-made to cater to the individual requirements of your customers.

Not only would standard configurations not fulfill your business requirements, these template-based configurations very often force you to invest in resources that are not fully utilized.

Peremeks gives you maximal flexibility by providing you different options and choices over a wide spectrum of parameters. We achieve this flexibilty with our 3 dimensions of customization.

Multi-vendor Approach | New or Refurbished | Choice of different modes of ownership

We adopt a multi-vendor approach.

Peremeks recognizes that some brands and platforms are more suitable for certain applications and environments. As such, a one-vendor-suits-all approach often compromises our customer's position.

On top of that, the most optimized approach in today's varied and competitive landscape is often best implemented as a heterogeneous solution. And that is why Peremeks firmly believes in adopting a multi-vendor so that we can deliver the best of breed to you. We have established the channels, processes and experience in working with distributors and resellers from various principles, including:
  • Sun Microsystems,
  • IBM,
  • HP,
  • Cisco,
  • Hitachi,
  • Veritas, and
  • Oracle.
By providing you with the choice and freedom of mixing and matching different brands and platforms, we give you the most optimal solution with the most cost effectiveness.

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We provide you the choice of new or refurbished. Or a combination of both.

Either new or refurbished
Be it new or refurbished, we give you the same level of quality and assurance and peace of mind.

There are many situations where you may opt for refurbished equipment. Other than cost savings, there are cases where the need to maintain application continuity and stability calls for using a end-of-line (EOL) equipment.

Peremeks offers you complete flexibility in having that choice. Unlike other resellers who do not have the experience or inventory to offer you the option, we have incorporated the process, system and inventory to make sure that you get the best of both worlds.

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We offer you different modes of ownership.

Peremeks Utility Model
You don't have to buy it to use it. You can rent it or even leverage on the many benefits of our Utility Model where you pay only what you use.

In some situations, our customers do not need a piece of equipment permanently. A extra processor to load-test a new application for 2 months. Additional memory for 1 month to cater for the peak months of the year.

Peremeks offers both short-term and long-term rental on a wide spectrum of options. Customers can rent either completely configured machines or individual components or parts. This flexibility applies to new machines and parts as well.

Peremeks also offers our Utility Model where you get to pay only what you use. With this unique arrangement, not only do you not have to investment upfront, you get to access additional computing resources on demand with a known and predefined costs that you can budget with confidence.

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