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Meeting your deadline with our fast response.

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Cost Effective | Fast Response | Flexible

Fast Response
Optimizing and shortening our turnaround time so as to support the increasing pace in your business cycles

The pace in today's business environment has been increasing relentlessly. Business cycles happen much quicker, and so are the decision cycles. In turn, your customers are also demanding quicker response from you to serve them more promptly.

It then becomes a major challenge when you have to wait for 6 to 8 weeks from your suppliers to ship you your equipment. You need them now.

Peremeks recognizes the importance and relevance of this sense of urgency and we structure our processes and infrastructure to optimize our response with 3 strategies to cut turnaround time.

We Are a Stockist | International Network | Collaborative Forecasting

We stock inventory in advance so that you don't have to wait.

We are a stockist
With our large inventory that is tailored to fulfilling your needs, you are more likely to get more immediate response from us than from other resellers.

Snapshots of our warehouse
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Peremeks is a stockist. By that, we mean that we keep stocks. Unlike other resellers who will only make an order from their distributors after they receive their orders from you, we look historically and ahead and keep a pool of common items in our warehouse.

We therefore are able to respond to most requests in around 10 to 14 days. In other cases, we are able to deliver within 1 month.

In addition, we also have a partnership with our Singapore office where the 5,000 sq ft wareshouse stockpiles even more inventory that we can tap into.

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We are well-connected to an international network of quality suppliers.

Global network
While other resellers get their supplies locally, we source ours internationally, making us faster. And cheaper.

Most resellers only buy order their supplies locally from their assigned distributors. Most since their distributors may not always have the required equipment, it translates into longer waiting time, typically 6 - 8 weeks from the time you give them your order.

Peremeks has established close working relationships with suppliers from all over the world. Effectively, we are able to tap into their inventory in cases where we run out of stocks in our own wrehouse. Working with suppliers from different regions of the world also allows us to leverage on the overlapping working hours of the different suppliers so that we can effectively source for your required equipments 24 hrs non-stop.

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We forecast our pipeline with our customers collaboratively.

We do forecast with you
Our customers' impending requirements become our immediate action plan.

Not only do we stock our inventory ahead, we also do it intelligently and smartly.

Working closely with our customers, we.gather and analyze your potential requirements and consoldiate these requirements into our purchasing plan. This strategy works even more effectively for customers who engage us in the consultation and systems integration phases.

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