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Peremeks's creative approach and wide range of offerings have beneifted many customers. In fact, the flexibility of our solutions and completeness of our offerings give us the capacity to span not only customers across different industries, but also customers of different natures.

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The unique offerings that our alternate approach affords us products and options that even other resellers find beneficial.

Peremeks has worked closely and successfully with many resellers in complementing and augmenting their offerings. Such areas of cooperation including offering our rental services, refurbished equipment and even our Utility Model, just to name a few examples.

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System Integrators

Even though Peremeks provides systems integration services ourselves, we have many successful partnership with other system integrators (SI) in helping them deliver value-added services to their customers.

Our SI partners benefit from having access to our large inventory of stock to shorten their delivery lead time, to our rental services during their proof-of-concept phases, and to having a partner that can trade in their customers existing machines for cash, among the many other benefits our SI partners can derive.

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Service Providers

The flexiblity in-built into the different options of ownership for Peremeks hardware provision provides the platform and reason for many service providers such as data centers and hosting companies to work with us.

By eliminating the upfront investment and matching the cashflow between the collection of service charges from their customers and the periodic payment of usage fees to Peremeks, we allow our service provider partners to focus on their core business and not let the burden of the hardware investment dilute their effort and business model.

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What If You Are... an End User?

Peremeks works closely with our partners to empower them with our complete suite of offerings. Depending on your industry and requirements, Peremeks will recommend you the most suitable partners to work with so that you can leverage on all the benefits that our unqiue business model offers.

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