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We help you save money.

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Cost Effective
Achieving your IT and computing goals with minimal costs and without compromising on quality and standard

In today's competitive landscape, preserving cash and making a profit are becoming more important than ever before in everyone's list of business objectives.

At the same time, competitive pressure and increasing expectations from customers demand that businesses are to continue to improve their services and to leapfrog their competitors in their business offerings.

Peremeks understands these seemingly conflicting requirements: cut costs and at the same time, improve standards of offerings. That is why we incorporate into our business offerings elements and options to help you save costs without having you to compromise on your objectives.

We help you save costs, increase profit and maintain your standard through 3 different cost saving approaches.

New and Refurbished | Passed-on Savings | Complete Offerings Beyond Hardware

We offer you choices that best fit your requirements and your budget.

New vs Refurbished
If you can't tell the difference between new and refurbished, that is because there is practically none.

Very often, resellers tend to push you into buying the latest model and the most powerful configuration. Not so much it fits your requirements, but rather, it generates the most profit for them. And this approach usually causes you to exceed your budget and hence diminish your profit.

Peremeks takes a different approach by putting our customers in the first place. We provide you choices of either new equipment or refurbished ones. We even stock end-of-line (EOL) equipment so that even when OEMs and other resellers cannot offer them to you anymore, we still make these equipment available to you.

We also offer you customized configurations that best fit your requirements, not just standard configurations offered off-the-shelf or just configurations predefined by OEMs.

By providing you with the choices, we ensure that you accomplish your business objectives with the most optimized investment.

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We optimize our costs and pass on the savings to you.

Passing you the savings
What we save, we pass the savings to you.

To deliver our customers additional savings and value, we devise strategies to lower the costs of our goods so that we can pass these savings to you:
  • Because of our volume of business, we make bulk purchases from distributors and OEMs. The volume discounts that we receive from these bulk purchases become savings that we pass to you.
  • We source internationally from a global network of suppliers. The competitive discounts we get from these suppliers are passed on to you.
  • The ecosystem of our business model enables us to lower the cost of our equipment over time and this lowered cost of goods translates into lower cost to you too.

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We don't just stop at hardware provision.

With our end-to-end offerings in our ecosystem, you won't end up saving costs in one spectrum and having to spend extra on another.

Enterprise products are rarely about hardware alone. These mission critical equipment require consultation, services and most important of all, maintenance to ensure that your business objectives are met.

Peremeks provides you the full spectrum of services so that your cost savings are not limited to just hardware purchases. Our systems integration services, installation and setup services and last but not least, independent maintenance services all gear toward providing you a one-stop solution to saving your costs.

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